• "Business Intelligence" service The wide range of choices and deep background analysis and actions that can be obtained by deepening intelligence will be a great force in various aspects of corporate management such as business strategy construction, negotiation support, and litigation countermeasures.

    With professional staffs familiar with domestic and international economics, society, politics, diplomacy, media conditions, and technology scrutinizing issues and conducting analysis with a cultural background in mind, by Mediagain's business intelligence services, we can propose unique problem solutions to the clients.

    We have an extensive network in whole fields of politics, economy, society and culture and we build advanced intelligence by scrutinizing and analyzing the following factors.

    ① Social environment (political trends, economy, trends / trends) analysis
    (2) Action plan and implementation for corporate environment (reputation, press analysis / evaluation)
    ③ Business environment (in-house environment, domestic and overseas industry, competitors, government, market) analysis and advice
    ④ Implementation of reaction plan for new media environment (IT information, advice on environmental changes)

    (* With the above items, we support engagement activities with investment funds and the companies concerned.)
  • "Marketing Intelligence" service We work with the managers of our client companies to validate business strategy. We support the development of communication and marketing strategies, and provide marketing intelligence related to a wide range of business environments based on media and stakeholders’ feedbacks.
  • "International Coordination" Service We have network between companies and government agencies in each country, approach problem solving individually, and give advices from all directions in order to standardize the good products and services of Japan and Japanese companies.