Sample Achievement

・ Strategic corporate communication and integrated marketing of foreign financial institutions
・ Financial institution revitalization communication plan planning, research, management
・ Risk control and corporate behavior promotion programs for food and beverage companies
・ Foreign law firm opening consulting and research
・ Lobby intelligence of the foreign aerospace industry
・ Intelligence of foreign media companies' marketing planning for Japan
・ Regeneration support for major clothing trading companies
・ Regeneration support for mid-sized machine manufacturers
・ Hostile TOB defense
・ M & A support
・ MBO support
・ PMI (Post-Merger Integration Plan) formulation
・ Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Business Revitalization Human Resources Development Promotion Project (2006 --2007)
・ Cabinet Office Symposium "Symposium on the current state of the business revitalization market and future issues" (2004)
・ Cabinet Office survey "About the actual situation of business revitalization in Japan" (2004)
・ Japan Machinery Federation Survey "International Business Reorganization and Technical Alliance Case Study" (2006)
・ Tsinghua University Education Foundation Tokyo Office (2010)
・ Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Nuclear Damage Compensation and Decommissioning Support Organization (2012-)
・ Vietnam Science and Technology Education Promotion Fund Tokyo Office (2016 --2019)
・ General Incorporated Association Vietnam Comprehensive Disaster Prevention Promotion Association Tokyo Office (2019-)
・Joint team of Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare and Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry "Emergency measures against Coviad-19: Planning, manufacturing and Import of medical gawns" (2020)