• History Based on the strategic marketing consulting companyISES (Atlanta, USA), which was established in 1991, the company started its business mainly as a consulting business for Western companies aiming to enter Asia. In 1995, it became independent as a Japanese corporation, Media Gain. Since 1999, we have provided a wide range of consulting services such as entering the market of domestic and foreign companies, building a corporate brand, and establishing a governance system through business revitalization and strategic communication. In particular, we have contributed to the improvement and conservation of corporate value by providing services in various fields such as corporate structural reforms such as M & A and business splits, as well as corporate acquisitions and defenses. Furthermore, in recent years, we have been focusing on activities relavant to news analysis, risk management, natural disasters and subsequent social changes, changes in the working environment, and SDGs.
  • Approach Nowadays, the environment surrounding society is changing drastically due to the diversification and speeding up of information transmission means. By collecting and analyzing multi-layered information from top management of the company to each stakeholder and rigorously evaluating the business environment of the client, we clarify the objective position of the company in society and the market. On top of that, we tackle not only the current problems faced by organizations and companies, but also themes such as cyber security sophistication and utilization of blockchain, predict and evaluate potential problems, and solve these problems in the future. We provide prescription "Business Intelligence" that leads to the creation of new value.

    In addition, we carry out detailed media analysis of public opinion through media diversified by IT, etc., and deepen strategic communication to convey messages in an effective manner to stakeholders and the market. We increase the reliability of corporate behavior and control damage.