CEO's message

Today's diversified social, economic and political landscapes have changed at an unprecedented rate since 2000.

Especially, the change after 2020 is huge, and this change does not wait for judgment delay.
On that trending, each country and industry is concerned about the changes surrounding them and is verifying them day and night. In particular, it is more strongly required than ever to tackle the global coronavirus, as convergence is unknown after two years, with a sense of speed in building and executing a vision for a major change, and to improve its value.

We, Media Gain, have been working on the planning and implementation of strategic marketing for the past 25 years.
Since 2000, we have been considering economic transformation and growth widely by tackling various new fields and trouble cases such as business revitalization, M & A and risk management hands-on.

While asking myself, "What is the core of adaptability to business transformation that has changed in various layers?", I has made many advices on individual cases.
I have identified and solved problems in cases such as the diversification of Japanese companies’ overseas expansion and Japan market entry of foreign companies.

One of the major problems peculiar to Japan is that the way of thinking and actions are neglected while focusing on "intelligence".
Compared to others countries, Japanese companies are said to be extremely slow in deciding their perspectives and actions, and in the cases I have dealt with so far, there have been quite a few cases in which they missed out opportunities.

There are many "corporate behaviors" that do not allow us to view objectively business intelligence, and the state of the organization itself has not yet changed today.
Regarding to corporate behavior, along with the institutionalization of governance and compliance, superficial improvement has progressed, especially in the last 10 years.
However, on the contrary, there are an increasing number of cases which corporate behaviors were frozen due to lack of understanding, misunderstanding, and lack of human resources for intelligence that is difficult to institutionalize.
As a result, the number of cases in which the chances of regaining trust from society and the world are missed, and the chances of strong regeneration and reconstruction are increasing.

As a premise for responding to the fluidization and diversification of the business environment and fields, we will further strengthen our advice and support operations centered on the three pillars of "strategic marketing", "risk management" and "intelligence" and would like to keeping working with our clients.

President and CEO Katsumasa Ogawa